The Lighthouse Report
Interview with Walter H. Bowart
July 16, 1995

San Jose, California

Part III  Conclusion

And crackpot Nazi experimentation at that.

WR: We might add at that time nobody knew where Mengele' whereabouts were. He was supposedly running all over from South America to Central Southwest to Arizona, he was in Arizona in me 60's.

WB: Yes. In 1965, the CIA paid Baltimore Laboratories $15,000 to find a drug which could be used to fake a means of suicide. They came up with several they thought might work with a careless pathologist. Now one wonders...I'd like to see the files on that. It would be hilarious, you know. Corpses)reviving in the morgue and stuff. The same year the CIA spent seven hundred thousand dollars on research with terminal cancer patients. That was '65. And mental defectives at Georgetown University. The unsuspecting patients were given a combination of stimulants, depressants and stress inducing drugs in a failed attempt to replicate the psychic driving techniques developed earlier by Cameron in Canada.

WR: ln the near future, theres going to be a footnote to that information. Theres a gentleman who's going to be coming out with a book on the subject of Dr. Mary Sherman, working out of Tulane University and her strange connection with David Ferry. ..

WB: Oh, Oh!

WR: ...and cancer experiments that were being performed in New Orleans.

MC: And we've been following...and in fact we've been waiting with baited breath for this gentleman to finish the book and get it published so we can interview him, so we could read to book. We're very excited about it. And there's far more to it.

WB: Well I hope he puts me on the review list

WR: The gentleman's name is Ed Haslam and I believe he's not too far from where you are located.

MC: We will do that. We will put you in touch.

WR: We will get that information to you when we get home.

WB: That would be great In '65, do you want me to continue? In '65...

WR: Yes! Sorry, I just wanted to interject that because you said cancer...

WB: Yeah, Colonel George White former Bureau of Narcotics agent, famous George White repeated a 1953 field experiment with adjoining apartments on 'Telegraph Hill m San Francisco. 'The project was code-named Midnight Climax. White filmed the CIA paid prostitutes giving their johns LSD from behind a one-way mirror. It was believed that LSD effects on sexuality would show up on the film. White was also active in New York City giving powerful psychoactive chemicals like ivolgain and undocumented drugs in unmeasured quantities to selective leaders of the anti-war movement and other targeted political and civil rights activists. In 1966 Ronald Reagan was elected governor of California. Operation Spellbinder was a CIA research project which attempted to hypnotize an agent into becoming a sleeper killer. The FOIA released documents saying that several Cuban immigrants were found upon which hypnosis was tried. The goal was to plant an agent in Cuba w-ho, when triggered, would kill Fidel Castro. The CIA documents say this didn't work and independent research turned up first person witnesses that classically conditioned MPD, Multiple Personality Disorder, agents were at work within Cuba from Castro's rise to power in the late 1950's. In 1966 in October, possession of LSD was declared a Class One felony, stopping all research on it. The psychedelic 60's were over and the war on drugs began. 'The cryptocracy black ops. funds grew fat. ln 1967 DARPA, that's the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, was called Project Pandora got under way with Dr. Joseph Sharpe who is presently in NASA-Ames Laboratory today. Pandora concluded in 1969 stating that nothing would he clear without experiments on human subjects in their natural settings. Nixon approved- "basic research" on voluntary human subjects. In 1968 at the peak of the student unrest Dr. Gordon J.F. McDonald, Science Advisor to Lyndon B. Johnson described how man-made changes in the earth's ionosphere could be used for mass behavior control. He pointed out that low frequency electromagnetic operations could be used to attack the brain-waves of human beings. He stated, " perturbation of the environment can produce changes in behavioral patterns".

MC: Now I want to interject here, is this information recently unclassified'? Was it available in print at the time, was it, you know...I'm trying to find out this was..

WB: In '68? No.

MC: So this was secret in '68?

WB: Yes.

MC: About what time was much of this information declassified.

WB: Oh in the late '70's.

MC: In the late '70's..

WB: Right.

MC: And very few people ever saw this declassified information.

WB: Oh yeah, most of it.

MC: See , this is important because people think oh well that's ancient history and everybody knew about it. ho! Thats exactly why we're doing this because we're showing you that there's been a progression and that's why this is important.

WB: Yeah. I have recently pitched a documentary through my agent in New York to several major television companies and one of them being 60 Minutes. And 60 Minutes said, "oh we've done that. We did that in the 70's already". But the understanding that they did in the 70's it was very shallow and it's nothing like what we know today. And it should be done and redone and redone until people get it. You know. It's the biggest story since the atom bomb.

WR: As long as you have Mike Wallace with 60 Minutes you're not going to have that story come out in full flower.

WB: Yeah. Is that right?

WR: I have my, well let's just say I have my feelings about who Mike Wallace is and a couple of other people.

WB: He;'s one smart fellow, Ill tell you that.

WR: Oh yeah!

WB: In 1968, presidential models and members of the secret team were giving vaccinations against Auto immune Deficiency syndrome. AIDS is still believed to be a blood transmitted disease which can be sexually transmitted. It is still commonly believed that there is yet no cure at all. Eyewitnesses, people from the intelligence community, people recovering, MPDs, Project Monarch victims testify differently. Though it wasn't called AIDS in those days many of them were given vaccinations and Fletcher Prouty tells us that some of the boys on his secret team were also inoculated to Auto immune Deficiency type problems.

MC: And that is the information this book is going to cover that we just told you about. Its going to go into what we believe in the secret history of the origin of AIDS and it is most definitely not just a retroactive virus, something thats...

WB: Right. Theres definitely a pattern in all of this that says that the United States, citizens of the United States,...were...

WR: We're one big laboratory.

WB: Well, theyre considered rats in a lab. Now anybody that works for the government is owned by the government in the minds of these people. And they would be the first to be experimented on.

MC: And that's something that people who are in the military now really, if they look at themselves as valuable human beings, even though they do sign themselves away when they join the military, pay attention to what you are being given. You do have civil rights even though you have a contract with the US government.

WB: But I mean the concept of "I will die for my country" is the wrong premise to run things on. Nobody needs to die now. You can let the robots die. And nobody needs to die for country. Die for something more worthwhile than the country. Which is obsolete. Which is an institution that's been replaced by networks.

MC: And as we go through this time-line it is important to note that this is not set in steel. That anyone out here hearing this can stop it. If you are a part of this and you feel bad about it, you can stop it. I don't know about putting your life on the line, but you would be saving your fellow human beings.

WB: But see now the United States has signed an agreement to stop. So the government is probably stopped.

MC: You think that?

WB: I would think that. 'Two years ago, a year and a half' ago, they signed the agreement, an international treaty that they wouldn't experiment on their own citizens anymore. But they proposed the treaty four years before. And they took their time signing it. But now it gave them the time to go private with all this research and there is no controls on private enterprise.

MC: You do remember Mr... Dear Mr. Kissinger saying in a congressional hearing , "we do not assassinate foreign leaders . That's after the leaders were assassinated. And everyone just looked at him. You know you can claim anything.

W13: Yes. Shall I continue?

WR: Yes , I would like to mention that in the time-line we can't prevent what has already happened. And it needs to be studied. Which brings us back to your book.

WB: Well we can prevent it in the future! Thats the main thing. Never let it happen.

WR: Well ,that's what I'm talking about. But what's happened up to now is still going on. Like you say, it's entered the private sector and I would like to talk about what may be the latest phase in this which was one that they've sort of kept alive all the way back in the '50's and that is the connection between alien abduction and mind control... which part. OK. excuse me ..

WB: You're jumping way ahead.

WR: I don't want to do that. We'll back up then.

WB: We're going to be in 1970 now.


MC: And along with the recent privatization of the prisons because much of the experimentation is being done in facilities like Pelican Bay.

WB: Yes.

WR: And the facility in Pennsylvania where Mumia abu Jamal is being kept and Butner.

WB: I wanted to do a bumper sticker that said, "Americas economy needs more prisons". Because it's the growth industry in America.

MC: A private growth industry.

WB: It's the private growth industry and we've got even more people in prison than any other country per capita. In 1970, Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder published "Psychic Discoveries Behind The Iron Curtain". The book motivated Congress to order the Department of Defense to close the mind-gap. National Security Advisor Svignu Berzynski, the founding director of David Rockefellers's Trilateral Commission, founder of the infamous FEMA, wrote "Technology will make available to leaders of major nations a variety of techniques for conducting secret warfare of which only a bare minimum of the security forces need to be apprised.

It is possible and tempting to exploit for strategic political purposes the fruits of research on the brain and on human behavior. Accurately timed, artificially excited electronic strokes could lead to a pattern of oscillations that produce relative high power levels over certain regions of earth. In this way, one could develop a system that would seriously impair the brain performance of a very large population in selected regions over an extended period. " You can see what's coming in 1970. In 1971, the CIA paid three professional astrologers $350 a week to predict the future in Operation Often which ran from May, 71 to October 72. I wonder if those predictions came true? In 1973 ,Dr. Joseph Sharp discovered he could hear his own voice when the microwave analog of sound waves was beamed at the back of his head in an experiment conducted at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research.

WR: 1973!

WB: 1973. And I have a document here from 1962.

WR: So now we're getting into the wireless, you might way.

WB: Yes. Now you can see what's coming after Sbignu predicted this. This thing is written by Allan H. Frey, of General Electric Advanced Electronics Center, Cornell University in Ithaca, New York and it was published in The Journal of Applied Physiology in l 962 . The human auditory system responds to modulated electromagnetic energy. And it says that they used extremelv low average;rage power intensities of electromagnetic energy and that humans had the perceptions of sounds as induced in normal and deaf humans. The effect was induced from several hundred feet from an antenna the instant the transmitter was turned on and is a function of' carrier frequency-y and modulation. Attempts were made to match the sounds induced by electromagnetic energy and acoustic energy. The closest match occurred when the acoustic amplifier is driven by the RF transmitters modulator. and it goes into the technical thing. But me interesting thing about this...with that it says here that one can shield oneself from this kind of technology by taking a two inch piece of fly screen and putting it on the temples of your- head above y our cars.

MC: ' That's right where your audio nerve is and right in here its your audio nerve'?

WB: Yes.

WR: So it sort of scrambles and deflects it.

MC: See the thing that gets me here is...

WB: Over the temporal lobe...

MC: Oh so that's light here. . . See now if you massage this area here many things. . .I do massage...and this in here can relieve eye strain. This can loosen up all the facial muscles. It's obviously, even on the outside, very important to the function of the eyes. the brain, your balance. But we have to see here that magazines publish data like this and people somehow think that it's crackpot data. I know that's not true. We have lots of data that we don't understand right now.

WR: People if they really want to find out more about this they don't have to rely on digging into some clandestine files as much as they have to follow the scientific journals in certain electronic areas and fields such as this.

WB: YES and then were going to get there...we're going to advance up to the alien abduction experiences which sound very much like this stuff we're hearing from now on in this research. . and ;if so we have the survivors reports...human intelligence, citizens intelligence where we're just interviewing people. And Theyre describing hearing voices and having the effects of this thing.

And right on up to 1994-45......these experiments with magnetic waves inducing alien abduction

experiences. But between now and then we are still dealing with the 70's on this time-line.

OK. And so. in 1973, the Rockefeller Report revealed that DCl Richard Helms ordered 153 separate MKUultra files destroyed as his Last act of office and in years to come many of those files which were thought destroyed were discovered as "misplaced" files, behind cabinets and what have you . And they reveal a long history of criminal activities by individuals who hid behind the National Security Act and ran amok arrogantly treating citizens of their own country as so many lab rats.

And to date nobody has been brought to justice on this criminal behavior. Maybe perhaps we should have them all a pardon so that they can tell us the secrets that they ve hidden so long. If we give them all a pardon we can have Cold War clime trials and let everybody go. But let's find out what happened and it's never going happen again.

MC: Now we have here an ethical problem that the government funds various research scientists that do this kind of work and tells them its alright and their ethics are thrown out the window.

WB: Yeah. well also the need to know, the compartmentalized need to know keeps scientists from knowing real}y what they are working on. And I remember back in...doing a video of.. in the 60's at Lawrence Livermore Labs in Long Island. They were shooting lasers around. And one o~ the camera crews said, "Oh look! as me laser burned a hole through a two inch piece of sleel. Pop! You know. The guy said, "a death ray!", and the scientist said, "a measuring device'"

MC: That's correct. Thats part of our information.

WB: 'That was the Brooking Institute not the Livermore Labs and also it was '75 for the Rockerfeller Report? not 73, correct ions here. We have a technical editor in our midst whose cleaning up our act...OK so anyway, going through all this we end up with Jolly West in '73 trying to brainwash students at the Center for the Study and Treatment of Violence with Earl Brian. We have in 76, 50 million people in the United States being inoculated in a germ warfare self defense drill against swine flu that was found only in a couple of soldiers outside the gates of Fort Dix. In '73 to '76 we have the Pike Committee, Church Committee, Rockefeller Commission holding hearings about the tip of the mind control iceberg and in '74 the mind control exploratory development began. This term needs to be defined. It has specific DOD meaning. In 1975 the CIA began conducting research on how human beings responded to stimuli. The CIA claimed it had used no drugs in these experiments which were conducted in a Diego Hospital. It was said the optical experiments ended in 77. In '76 George Bush Ronald Reagan's protégé' was appointed DCI by Gerald Ford but Bush wasn't Ford's choice. One of Bush's first decisions as DCI was to authorize experiments on involuntary human subjects with radar pulse...microwave beams. The woodpecker signal disrupted global radio communications in Eugene Oregon. In '77 eight institutions including 44 colleges and universities were notified by the CIA that their campuses had hosted MKUtra and related research in the 50's and 60's. The Gestichner Fund for Medical Research based in Georgetown and Human Ecology Fund chaired by the Brown University President were two of the main CIA conduits passing MKUltra research funds. From '79 to '84 advanced development got under way. Whatever that meant in the terms of "advanced development". In 1980, Reagan was elected the law and order president and things began to roll behind the scenes with George Bush running the addle-headed actor turned president. In 1981 Albert Gore was appointed to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence on which he served on the Energy and Commerce Sub Committee with oversight on all government sponsored research at university laboratories. Gore was subsequently in a position to quash investigations of involuntary human subject research and he also served on the Appropriation Sub- Committee dealing with the flow of funds to the intelligence community. In '8l Major Oliver North was brought to the White House to set up a domestic Project Phoenix for the National Security Council. North was a junior officer under Col. Fletcher Proudy in earlier days and Proudy said "North was so dumb I wouldn't send him out to mail a letter". North's first job at the White House was to set up the Crisis Management Center in the basement from which George Bush ran the intelligence community for eight years. In '83 William French Smith Attorney General split the domestic counter- intelligence and terrorism turf up between the FBI and FEMA. Major North was the NSC liaison to FEMA. Mind control operations went to FEMA over which there was no congressional oversight. In May of 83 the Department of Defense stole the PROMIS software from lNSLAW. Cryptocracy insiders described all this and its been in all the...there's been descriptions of the whole thing which you know... research and development which included extremely low level energy, electromagnetism, photons, bioplasms and similar categories of electrobiological communication and interception techniques that utilize advanced electronic technology. In '84 prototype development began. Thats another term that needs to be researched in its history of uses under the DOD. There were massive demonstrations and so called field tests of invisible weapons. In March 1984, Tyler's paper, The Electromagnetic Spectrum in Low lntensity Conflict was written at Maxwell Airforce Base, Alabama. The same year Slammer was proposed to the DCI by the Air Force. In April or thereabouts the CIA raided North's office and took over mind control operations. The same year Greenham Common women were assaulted with radio frequency and other weapons by brave worriors of the US Air force, General Electric Aerospace and NASA. They all went into invisible weapons and mind control in a big way. In 84 "Mind Wars" by Ronald Macrae was published. Macrae was a journalist who had previously worked with the Office of Naval Research. Then later, recently, I believe in 94, ten years later he recanted after a brief stay in a mental institution. ln '85,Vitali Yvchenko was kidnapped in Rome by the CIA.

Soviet psychotronic research and operations continued so that "one can program anything into the brain of experimental subjects" it was said. "A human being becomes a silent cog in a hellish machine of all devouring fear. An individuals brain can be suppressed, activities curtailed, so that an individual will submit to any wish of the operators" said Emil Fedorovich Bucharin and Molodoya Gvardya. In 1986 CIA director, William Casey died suddenly of a brain tumor. The mind control operations went into a holding pattern while the Senate confirmed William Webster as DCI.

MC: I just want to make a comment here that I found something very interesting. The Hoover Institute, about that time, about six months before that had a very large involved conference on, strange thing, on brain tumors and how to treat them. Ive been told by others who were involved with the Hoover Institute that they do not do that type of work. And that was on call. It is on record. lt is on their paper at :

Stanford University. Very interesting that very soon after that, Casey dies at a very convenient...night before the hearings, of a brain tumor.

WR: He died in May o f '87.

WB: Yeah, in May of 87, but I didn't get a chance to finish. Anyhow in 19...if you ask a doctor he will tell you that can't inject cancer. Apparently cancer cells don't mean anything, you can't inject them. But you can inject plutonium which will give you cancer real fast. In 1987 GWEN, the Ground Wave Emergency Network had begun in the early 80's. Dr. Robert Vecter said, GWEN is a superb system in combination with cyclotron resonance for producing behavioral alterations in the civilian population. And I refer you to PROJECT HAARP. ln 1988, Former CIA Director, George Bush was elected president. Some researchers think that mind control was used to detain Michael Dukakis in the Massachusetts State House until after Labor Day. In 1989 Bush declared this would be the "decade of the brain". Mind control went fully operational. Several researchers told that literally thousands of individuals were designated to be killed in behavioral neuroscience experiments. Especially ONR's University Research Initiative. Those who lived were recycled into other uses by the cryptocracy. In the same year George Bush declared war on drugs using the embedded command" Just say No" drug consumption went up. Prices went up. The black ops funds of the cryptocracy swelled. And we know that if you tell a kid "no" he does the opposite and "no" is an embedded command to do the opposite. In I991 operations Bug, Third Chance, Derby Hat and MKUltra under which various aspects of mind control were performed from BB size ear, eye nose and brain implants had been studied for two decades. And they were placed in the hands of South American dictators and others in operations against high echelon captured drug dealers and other prisoners. In '93 the FBI? ATF and Delta Force teams tested psychological and psychotronic warfare on the Branch Davidians at Waco, Texas. Microwaves were beamed at the compound as evidenced by a number of videos of the dishes pointed directly at the main building. Loudspeakers play all night, along with bright lights and a psychology of terror as well as Subliminal commands were used on the surrounded Davidians. Also, Dr. Jolian West visited there as a consultant to the spooks and FBI and ATF who surrounded the compound. In 1994 Energy Secretary Hazel Oleary declassified millions of secret documents. It was learned quickly that radioactive materials were used on US adults and children, so-called project Monarch survivors began to understand why so many of them...those are mind control survivors... why so many of them had radioactive-like damaged thyroid glands. And October 21st, 1994 the US

became a state party to the convention against torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. The Senate ratified it four years before it was signed. On September 10th the space shuttle Discovery utilized a powerful green laser directed at key sections of North America and other parts of the globe. Pulses from the shuttle laser bounced off thick high clouds aver a tropical storm. Pulsed at 10 hertz, researchers believe that this was a behavioral experiment that had been predicted ten years before. Ten cycles per second is the same frequency as the woodpecker signal and it is within the human brain wave frequency. Researchers believe it was used in conjunction with RF broadcast from the Arco Haarp Antenna in Alaska which was tested during the Discoverys flight. As Dr. Becker says in the Body Electric, Hypnotists often use a strobe light flashing at alpha wave frequencies to ease me subject into trance. The same or other signal could carry a subliminal message". More for the researchers.

MC: Is that why strobe lights were used in the 60's in open dances because they certainly altered behavior.

WB: Good chance, yeah. In 1995 the Residential Committee on Radiation began to hear evidence of me MKUltra survivors who were used as radiation guinea pigs in their childhood. Most of us were victims and still are targets of experiments and operations by the United States government or its assigns in private government, contract government. Most of us are survivors of a dark age in American History known as me Cold War. The history is still unfolding and we are waiting every day for the new revelations which will come from the cryptocracy. And I understand, very soon, we are going to have some Kennedy assassination news, is it today or tomorrow? They are releasing documents. This week I think.

WR: There's a deadline.

WB: Yeah the deadline.

And the remaining Oswald files.

MC: And as you heard time. . .

WR: John Newman has evaluated the ones that have been released in his new book out...

WB: I know Ive got the book and I am reading it now. Im getting ready to interview him. I met him in Dallas at the 3Oth anniversary symposium. Were you there ? Ah, it's a shame we didn't run into you there.

MC: To draw this to a close as you heard the time is running out. You heard the...If you could hear on this tape you could hear the beautiful chimes of many clocks in this room and we want to thank Walter Boward and if he would wind it up here...

WB let me just wind it up.

MC: Do you want to wind it up because then I would like you to put for the listeners out how they could contact you, how they can see the rest ot this material.

WB: Now this sounds like its all the downside but in 50 years of this secret experimentation the crypttocracy discovered a language of the subconscious and while technology is employed, it an boils down to the human mind and the way it works. And human language, and language and peer pressure and those behavioral things are more powerful than any hardware. The cryptocracy found the Rosetta Stone to the human mind which, if ever fully released from the cryptocracy safe, might make criminality and mental illness a thing of the past. It might make every child a genius and every citizen happy, creative and intellectually productive from the cradle to the grave. It might produce a golden age in which the human species will begin to claim its birthright and rediscover its suppressed higher abilities and finally be allowed to leave this playpen of a planet to wander sanely among the stars.

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