Here is a selection of what I consider to be some of the best WHY statements from the Beyond Imagination Notes. The following came from the Notes from Nov 93 through Aug 94. ENJOY. Perhaps this brief taste will move you to explore more ... either in the Best of Notes pages, or in the full versions of the Notes from each month. Regardless, my motivation is simply to make the material more accessable and in doing so, perhaps enable you to discover and more fully express whom that you are.

We are here to make spirit incarnate, to bring it fully into flesh -- for such is what the Aquarian Age is all about. It cannot be made so except by this means. Spirit must be enfleshed as fully as possible at this time on the planet.

The world is in need of the services that you have come into this incarnation to provide. You already know that your purpose is to bring forth the VISION that will allow the Aquarian Age to be manifested in flesh.

The bottom line is that we are creating a new life form, a community, that will enable a greater unity of consciousness to express on Earth than has ever expressed before.

We are the cells of that entity, that consciousness. To some degree we are part of that consciousness already. It is what speaks to us through our intuition.

Many of us are realizing that this is our mission, our purpose in this existence.

It's all a play of consciousness teaching itself to be more aware of itself. Once again, know thyself is the only purpose for the play -- showing consciousness what it truly is.

Remember, the purpose is always to allow your reality to mirror your beliefs.

As awareness increases, however, a secondary goal is to push your awareness growth as fast as you can handle it.

We march onward to fulfill a destiny that consciousness laid out long ago. But, it was only a plan. We had to live it in flesh to truly make it real.

But, whom am I and what qualifications do I have to do this? I am Wayne, a man with a Vision, the Bringer of the New Way. That is sufficient. This is my part in the play. It is why I came.

How this is to be accomplished is part of why I and other wayshowers are here at this time.

All of us with this specific task are undergoing spiritual awakenings firsthand at an accelerated pace to experience what will be required.

I imagine that my fellow wayshowers are also finding themselves at the very edge between sanity and insanity. It seems that consciousness is pushing us to the very limits that we are able to bear.

One thing that came to mind is to consider our bodies to be complex machines whose sole purpose all along has been to serve as vehicles for housing consciousness or spirit.

All of evolution and all of the development of humanity from ancient times through the present has been a long journey toward making this vessel as suitable as possible given the techniques that were available.

Now, we are at the threshold where the dream is about to become a reality. We will see a breakthrough in how much spirit can be expressed in flesh.

The struggle is to find a path that allows one to know thyself, or at least begin to do so -- so that we can know why we are here.

This is all for a Great Purpose. There is Great Meaning behind Life, Existence. Spirit is Manifest. Time and space are illusions. Events and scenes in the game of life, illusions also.

It is the march of spirit that is the purpose behind it all. Throughout the centuries, spirit has explored many avenues, unbeknownst to it that its sole purpose was to come to know itself.

What it was not told was that it was one, and that it was the experience of the collective whole that was being driven to come to knowledge of itself.

All the wars, all the suffering and pain, all the happiness and exhilaration, everything experienced anywhere was part of this great coming to know oneself as individuals in countries in one world.

The secret societies and metaphysical disciplines, they too have been part of this great endeavor of spirit.

The great souls provided the dearest examples of spirit in flesh. Perfect examples for others to follow.

Why are we not treated as the complete beings that we are? Why aren't all of our needs addressed -- physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual?

The key reason is that we don't act as a whole and insist that we organize our infrastructures in a way that deals with all of our needs.

The bottom line is that we all need and deserve to have our needs met in all four areas. As a society, it is important to create the infrastructure to make this so for many people.

What we're doing is enabling people to actualize. Actualized people make for an enhanced society in many ways. This is the first step towards cooperation and cooperative interdependence.

The whole purpose of the game is ever-expanding awareness of self. At some point, this self becomes Self becomes ONE becomes ALL THAT IS.

This is a very powerful process, however, it is the only game great enough that it could engage consciousness so thoroughly. And, what an engaging game it is!

Looking back, the millennium had to go as it did for us to learn the lessons that were required on a scale necessary to place them in the mass consciousness.

Each step along the way was absolutely necessary. Inventions were not chance occurrences, they were gifts of consciousness. In many cases, these gifts literally changed the world in very important ways.

I won't enumerate these changes and the connections between them. Others have already done this, although they might not agree with my "divine gift" interpretation.

Did we really have to experience it all? Even such things as the holocaust? I would answer yes we did, every last atrocity -- but also every act of kindness.

I can't take it a step further and answer why, what real purpose did it serve?

We just had to know first hand how cruel we could be to one another if we relinquished personal power and responsibility to a bureaucratic system that was not infused with spirit.

But, why on such a grand scale? I can only guess because it was so important to learn this lesson.

The other lesson was one of how low the darkness of hatred can sink. It's not clear that the world has really learned either of these lessons.

So, where does the distinction between the individual and consciousness happen? And, why does it need to be?

Consciousness created the world including all of it's lifeforms for the expression of spirit and to provide the conditions that would allow it to learn of its own nature and grow.

As it's parts, we are all endowed with the same characteristics. Yet there never was any separation possible.

Our consciousness is learning to become a God of some type.

To be a God one must have learned to create in one's own image. To move up the hierarchy, one must train one's replacement.

It is not clear how high the hierarchy goes. We're generally never aware of more than one level up or down from where we are.

We are all ONE. I've been talking about finding my spiritual family as if I need to find other fingers to interact with to do my work.

Now, I sense that such came out of a loneliness of not knowing the true nature of consciousness.

The works of religious science make more sense now as well. Holmes also talks of there being One Mind, One Consciousness, and we are that.

It has to do with the test of Godhood being to create like unto oneself. Consciousness by its very nature creates. But, this is the ultimate test. For, it says to create on the order of yourself.

Each individuated consciousness has the same two tasks: one, to play it's role to the best of it's ability and two, to come to know itself.

Most people err in spending too much time on task one and not enough on task two.

I come to create community -- common unity, that all within the kingdoms may receive what they need in exchange for the services which they have been blessed with the abilities to provide.

Do I speak in riddles? If so, it is not to confuse you but to enlighten you a bit.

The ultimate goal is to realize one's unity with the ONE consciousness while maintaining a thin wall of separation that permits individualization.